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Alpine weekend yoga retreat

When Raquel and Daniela contacted us about hosting a weekend yoga retreat at the chalet, we did everything we could to find them a date despite weekends being booked up well in advance this spring. We LOVE having yoga and wellness groups here at the chalet, and have been working hard to make the indoor and outdoor spaces around the chalet perfect for welcoming these kinds of groups.

20 yogis raise their hands in a yoga asana in a wood panelled yoga room
Yoga/ multipurpose room for 20 + people

Just over 20 participants took part in the retreat, using our wood-panelled multi-purpose room as their shala. Raquel and Daniela used candles, incense and music to create a wonderful atmosphere during each class and activity.

Morning practice was followed by a late morning brunch, and once the afternoon class had finished, everyone made the most of the new sauna and outdoor jacuzzi - an experience made even more memorable by the steady rain that fell as they enjoyed the warmth of the water.

Outdoor jacuzzi with a view on the Swiss alps

We provided a vegetarian dinner of home-made soup, a vegetable curry, delicious local cheese platter and desert. And then, as if to make up for the cloud and rain from earlier in the day, a magnificent sunset. Check it out in the video below:

If you are thinking of running a wellness or yoga retreat and are looking for a mountain location, get in touch for a personalised offer by filling out your requirements on this form.


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