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About the Course

Situated in the Gorges du Pissot between the Etivaz and Château-d'Œx, this pendulum jump will make your pulse race to the top and will undoubtedly become your greatest thrill!

Once attached to this sort of swing above the canyon where the river La Torneresse flows, don't think any more and jump into the void! The sensation is not the same as bungee jumping. You will feel an acceleration accompanied by a centrifugal force without any shock.

Just before getting back on the footbridge, enjoy the wild nature that lives under your feet! The place is beautiful and impressive at the same time...

Your Instructor

Guillaume Rubin

Guillaume Rubin

​Tél +41.(0)79.373.68.33

GUIDECONCEPT groups of mountain enthusiasts who do their job. Concerned to discover and love the many facets of mountain sports, we have taken to heart to develop activities adapted to all.

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